How To Convert YouTube Music Into Ringtones

Everyone wants to have a new ringtone once in a while, and that is interesting because having a nice ringtone relieves those ears every time your phone rings. Also, among your colleagues or friends, you establish an image of your excellent choice. So, having a ringtone that is different every week is a great deal. Today we are going to tell you how to convert YouTube music into ringtones because many times you like a video and want to set it as your next tune. 

YouTube Music

Also, not all videos are available in .MP3 format, and you may not want to waste your time in searching. In this case, getting a YouTube video as your audio file is the quickest solution. Let’s see how you can set a video as your ringtone-

Step – 1. Downloading And Converting The Video

The first thing you need to do is open the URL of the video and add “ss” before the word “YouTube.” Hit enter, and this would take you to a new page where you can choose the video format and download the video in your device.

Once it is downloaded in the video format, you need to convert this video to .MP3 to set it as your ringtone. Going further on how to convert YouTube music into ringtones, you can convert this video to .MP3 by using online tools or download an application from the PlayStore. 

Step 2. Setting The Audio As The Ringtone

Let’s say that you have converted the video to audio, and now you are ready to set it as your tune. Go to Settings of your phone and tap Sound and Notifications. Now, go to Ringtone and scroll down until you see a + plus sign. Tap this, and a list will appear on your phone’s screen. From this list, you can see the newly downloaded audio file. Tap this file and click OK when prompted, and this will be your new ringtone.

Now, imagine if you want a particular part of the tune as your ringtone instead of what your phone’s default Setting provides. For this, you need to download a ringtone maker from the PlayStore and install it in your phone. The ringtone maker would let you trim the desired part and set the part as your ringtone.

Convert YouTube Music Into Ringtones

Step 3. Using the add-on on your device

Another method about how to convert YouTube music into ringtones is using the add-on on your device. There are many add-ons out there that you can install in your browser, and in this case, you need to install an add-on that can let you download the video from YouTube.

By downloading and activating the add-on, enter the URL, and when the video starts playing, the add-on icon gets activated. By tapping the icon, you can easily download the video in your device. The further procedure of converting this video into audio remains the same. So, these are two ways by which you can download a YouTube video in your phone for performing the further operation of setting it as your ringtone.

Step 4. Using video ringtone makers

Now there is another way about how to convert YouTube music into ringtones. There are video ringtone makers that you can find in PlayStore. These applications let you set the video as your ringtone. So every time your phone rings, it not just enables you to hear the music but see the video as well. This can be an innovative approach and quite interesting too that you can try if you haven’t already.

So these were some of the ways by which you can download a YouTube video easily and convert it as a .MP3 file or set the video directly as your ringtone. It is your turn to have your favorite video music and set it on your phone for your calls.

Best Music Apps for iPhone for 2020

Gone are the days when you used to listen to music offline, and that was indeed a lot of effort. Now the scene is changed, and you can stream music online just as you do for the movies. There are some best music apps for iPhone for 2020, where every app has its specific charm. Get to know these music apps here and see which one feels the best.

Best Music Apps for iPhone for 2020

Apple Music

Apple Music
Photo by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash

Apple has its own streaming music service that one can buy for just $9.99 monthly, or there is a family plan available for $14.99. The app enables you for both online as well as offline streaming, and users who don’t want to switch to anywhere else can have Apple Music as their go-to app.

One can customize the music streaming experience by creating different playlists and adding music there. You can experience Beats 1, which is a 24-hour per day worldwide radio station. Click here



Spotify is very well-known music streaming app where one can use it for free or subscribe for $10 a month. The family membership pack here is $15 a month. One can download the content and listen to it offline. Other than music, there are podcasts as well that one can listen to; no need to switch to any other app as there is a vast database. Click here


Tidal makes the next one among the best music apps for iPhone for 2020. Some exclusive songs get launched on the specific apps, and they don’t get launched on any other app; the same applies to Tidal. Such as you hear Amazon exclusive, Gaana exclusive, there is Tidal exclusive as well.

The app is free to use for 30 days, and you can continue using it by paying from $5 to $30 per month as per the plan.

Pandora Music


Pandora is the advancement of music streaming as it lets you discover the music and customize your streaming experience deeply. Here the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” gesture hints the app about your kind of music, and it lets you have the same.

This way, you can skip songs and only play the ones you want. There is a free plan and paid plan; the free is fine to have an idea about how Pandora works before you subscribe to it. To stream music, download songs, create playlists, and much more, do it with Pandora. Click here


When you want to have an app that is unique in its own ways, Deezer is the answer. There are more than 50 million songs, and the database expands every day. This one from the best music apps for iPhone for 2020 presents you with lyrics as well, so you can mouth all your songs precisely and surprise your people. 

The single plan that is ad-free and supports all premium features charges you $10, whereas, for the family plan, it is $15. With Deezer, you feel like the music streaming just got better.

Amazon Music

No doubt, it is a fantastic music app that has already got so much popularity as being a well-known brand. The database is enormous, and from the classics to the trendy ones, there are all kinds of songs on Amazon. The Amazon exclusives are worth enjoying too, and there are Radio Stations as well; all in all, it is a source of unlimited streaming.

This one is a paid app where you pay from $8 to $15 per month, and it enables you for offline listening as well. You can sync it with Alexa and play music all day long with just voice commands.


So these are some best music apps for iPhone for 2020 that has made music streaming so much easier. Try exploring these apps and enjoy limitless music whenever you want. 

Best Music Apps for Android for 2020

Music apps are the almighty of the digital entertainment world as they bestow the user with a lot of power. The power to let you hear the latest songs and albums to the old one treasure of music that always stays gold. These apps are the perfect source of entertainment, and one can entirely rely on them whenever it comes to listening to some great music stuff. 

There are a lot of music apps out there; however, we bring you the best music apps for android for 2020 that you should not miss exploring.

The music apps let you have the best music online that you can hear anywhere on the go. These music apps, as connected to the cloud storage, let you stream any songs from their huge database. Let’s see what we have got for you.

Best Music Apps for Android for 2020

PandoraClick here


You can have Pandora on both iOS and Android; it is the best app out there. Pandora lets you stream both free and premium music that you can subscribe to for $4.99. The app can be played on different devices of both of the operating systems such as Android and iOS.

There are more than 75 million active users. The easy and advanced user interface is something worth noticeable here. Other than streaming songs, the app is considered best as a music radio app as well.

SpotifyClick here


Well, who doesn’t know Spotify; it is one of the most widely used apps for online streaming and downloading. This can be your ultimate deal as one of the best music apps for android for 2020. From smartphones to tablets, the app works on various devices and supports both iOS and Android.

You can search for your favorite artists, albums, or directly the songs; add them to your favorite music and stream whenever you want. Spotify is a freemium app that you can use for free, as well as subscribed to unlock more features.

ShazamClick here


When you want something trendy, it is Shazam. It comes for both iPhone and Android; it is the app you should try exploring at least once. From streaming audios to enjoying videos and sharing them easily, the app has all the features a user would die for. 

The music can easily be added to Apple Music and Spotify playlists, so you have limitless entertainment anytime, anywhere. The app is even supported on Apple watch, and syncing it with a social media account is possible in just a blink.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is another trendy and innovative approach that lets you stream music online as well as offline. This one offers a pretty nice interface and an easy understanding of the functions. In just a tap, you can add your favorite songs to your account and create your playlists. The app can be used with Alexa, and it supports both platforms, iOS and Android.

Wynk Music

Wynk can’t be left when it comes to the best music apps. It promises ad-free music streaming to all its users. Plus, it lets you unlock its full potential with a paid plan that is less than 2 dollars. Anyone having either Android or iOS can experience the world-class music streaming service with Wynk.

The app is highly recommended for users who want to save internet data or have poor connectivity since it lets you choose from different music qualities from 320 to 32 kbps.


Free music apps can be the best thing for a music lover or anyone who casually wants to stream music while driving or getting bored. These are some best music apps for android for 2020 that you can give a try one by one and stick to the one that best suits you as per your budget and overall functions.